The Team

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Richard O'Flynn

Vincent Salih

Business Development Manager

Vincent studied Law at the University of Leeds and has over 17 years worth of experience working in various business, real estate and recruitment sectors.

Since a young age Vincent has been mentored in Business Development, coming from a family of successful entrepreneurs who, amongst other sectors, in the 1970’s founded a chain of high-profile Restaurants throughout Central London (the Aberdeen and Angus Steak Houses Group, PLC), whom every tourist to the capital city will recognise by their bold red shop-fronts.

Although he now spends most of his time as a Consultant, Vincent is an advocate for Blockchain technology and sees the future of sales taking on Cryptocurrency as the de-facto secure method to send and receive large sums of money between businesses in an ever growing digital-payment world; where physical cash is making way for both Plastic and Contactless methods.