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WiRa Track W1 Planned For Release January 2020

The first around-the-clock track will be released for play (subject to funding) in January 2020!

24 hours a day, racers from every part of the world will be able to compete against each other, and it's going to be one heck of a ride!

Since 2013 we have been working on the development of RC cars which can be controlled and driven from anywhere in the world, without geographic limitation - this means that a driver in Germany can race against a driver in the UK, as if they are in the same room.

For the last 6 years we have been ironing out issues such as Video Lag, which has been a massive hurdle - in a competitive environment, such as RC racing, every second (and denomination of a second) count towards the final result.

We now feel that the technology is there for us to stream a persistent live video feed that will allow drivers to take part in real-time... no more hitting into a barrier and not realising until a second later.

Many s ...

Fancy competing for the world title?

...treaming platforms (if not ALL), such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitch (even with the lowest latency settings) all have a minor delay when broadcasting 'live'. This is something which won't work in a racing environment: instead our video streams are direct from server to user, giving the best performance available.

We have now ran successful tests from almost all corners of the planet, with the worst feedback coming in at about 0.5 seconds between the time a driver presses to accelerate and the video feeding back the movement (this was from India > UK).

In order to gain the best experience we recommend the following requirements:
CPU: i5
RAM: 8gb
NET: Cabled, Fibre

If you're not already signed up, then head over to the registration page to submit your details and join our community. After this you will soon be able to 'Request a Test Drive' which will allow access to our 'Schumacher Supastox ...


... GT12' (placed on a stand) so you can see how well your machine will perform in terms of user input (control) and server output (video). ...


... ...




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