Wireless Racer

& Staff

Founder / CEO

Jaan Ergin

  • TagJ3K
  • JoinedMar 2013
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
Jaan can often be found staring at the screen for 20 minutes looking at the same paragraph.

Vincent Salih

  • Tags4int
  • JoinedJuly 2015
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
Vincent gets forced into this. It's great fun though, new car looks cool.
Specialist Advisor

Nick Daman

  • TagNDaman
  • JoinedFeb 2018
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
RC Racing legend, ND. Rumours suggest he may commentate on the monthly finals - who knows, either way, watch the stream!

Eaze Dijital

  • TagEazeDijital
  • JoinedAug 2019
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
Who better to MC, than an MC?! The Host of your racing experience. Diji.
Specialist Advisor

David Honey

  • TagOptaEnt
  • JoinedNov 2017
  • CountryGuernsey (C.I)
Original Founder of the Opta Index & World Media Rights.

Shane Hill

  • Tagw4rmonger
  • JoinedAug 2019
  • CountryCanada
One shot. Get the track deals done and just broadcast. Don't procrastinate.

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